In Chapter X. of Plato’s Republic, the term mimesis is used as follows: “ The art of drama is an imitation of life. Life is nothing but an imitation. So, the art of drama is an imitation of an imitation.” Again, according to Plato’s philosophy of ideas ” The artist is the replicator of the copy of the idea in the universe. ” According to Aristotle, the term mimesis means representation or re-creation in the art of drama. According to him ” The art of drama is not an imitation of imitation, but instead shows how people should behave, not how they behave. ” If people who lived 2,500 years ago can still shed light on us today, either nothing has changed, or they had great foresight into the future. People are born, live, and die. Only what is written remains. For this reason, we decided to name our publishing company Mimesis. Thus, we will both send a greeting to the past and radiate light to the future. We wish all our publications to bring a new perspective to your life.